The Power and Practice of Yoga

Laura Tyree

My favorite part of the asana practice is that slow sinking inward.  The busy mind gets left on the bus, thank God, and the timeless aspect of Being rises.  I don't feel it happening every time, but I feel the effects always.  The deep pause within a hurried day.  The quiet realization of a direction to take.  Even in my most stressful times, that inward journey fortifies my system.  Don't mistake that I have some crazy wild practice either. The standing poses and common asanas all carry lifetimes of information and healing.   So go to your mat.  Find your slow sinking inward. Yogi.  Heal thy self.   Have an incredible life today.  See you at Dragonfly. 

Laura Tyree Snyder

Dragonfly Yoga has served the Emerald coast since 2001.  She is a therapeutic yoga studio with a relaxing effect on all who enter.  Her motto is Cool :: Calm :: Collected.  She has a range of gifted and wonderful teachers who bring their soul to the mat.  Come experience for yourself as beginners are always welcome.  Click here to visit Dragonfly

Hot Yoga Om is Dragonfly Yoga's Hot Little Sister (hehe)

Established in 2015, HYO is serving the young and energetic crowd of yoga enthusiast.  Her Far-Infared Healing Heat Panels are a hallmark of the studio and a bonus to the practicing hot yogi and yogini. Just a few door from Dragonfly these two sisters bring a fuller range of the yoga experience. Visit her Sweet Heat and feel the peace.  Click here to visit Hot Yoga Om

Laura's Bio

I started out on this yoga path many years ago, 1986.  I had fallen from my bike while training for a triathlon. It was a silly fall, trying to negotiate the new clip-less pedals at a stop light.  Over I went and slid a bit down a gravel embankment.  I managed to extract myself, and, of course, headed out for the 30 mile ride.  The next day my back was cramping and my legs ached.  College backpack, waiting tables, continuing to train all took their toll.  I came limping into my first yoga class.  Secretly humiliated and very hopeful it would fix me, so I could get back on the swim/bike/run merry-go-round. I cried through my first class.  Looking back I think it was the sting of my pride.  Here were all these women who could have passed for my Mom, doing far more than I was.  And that hurt far more than my back.  I was devastated.

I cried on the drive home.  But then something amazing happened.  I slept. For the first time in months, I slept.  I woke up after the first 4 hour chunk of sleep feeling like Supergirl.  OMG I was sore.  But I SLEPT!!  I went back to class that next day.  Years later Jan Campbell told me she was shocked to see me return, after my shameless display of groans and tears.

That started a lifelong relationship with the practice.  That same year I met Erich Schiffmann, in 1990 Rodney Yee.  It took 8 years before I could begin pranayama, and another 2 years to quiet me enough to start meditating.  It was a slow and often painful practice, but it revealed to me the heart of the practice, the one that is the foundation for the asana.  

The practice of the mind.  

Yoga Teacher Training Programs and Studio FAQs

Dragonfly Yoga Teacher training Programs




Dragonfly’s Etiquette of Yoga Class

- Finish your cell phone conversation in the courtyard before you enter.

- Be kind with yourself. No straining.

- Shoes stay in the lobby.

- Be happy, just not LOUD.

- Stay home if you have a fever.

- If you have a falling out with another yoga studio or teacher, don't speak ill of them.

- Personal belongings on shelf in sanctuary.

- Get to class a bit early so you don’t have to rush.

- If you’re late, wait I lobby until after meditation before you enter and set up.

- Turn your cell phone on silent.

- Have some food in your system, but not in your stomach.

- No chewing gum during practice. 

- Help the new student with props and set up.

- Refrain from wearing strong perfumes/cologne.

- Shower before class if you are a non-believer in deodorant.

- No babies.  We love them, just not during practice.

- Bring a beginner to a beginner class, that’s a nice friend.

- Leave the props better than you found them.

- Don’t get out of hand cutting up in class.

- If you have an ugly attitude, you will be sent home with no savasana.

- NO politics.

- Keep up with your things.  Items will be recycled after their two weeks stay.

- By all means…ENJOY your practice.

HOT YOGA OM's Etiquette

· Due to excessive sweating, it is important to drink water before, during, & after class. Bring your own water bottle.

· Bring a large towel that will cover your mat.

· Moisturizer and make-up can get in the eyes when we sweat causing them to burn. Cleaning the face prior to class may help. A small hand towel may also be useful in wiping sweat from our eyes.

· Suitable attire for the class will allow the skin to breathe, such as shorts or pants above the knees, and tanks or short sleeve shirts. In colder months, you may want to bring a dry change of clothes for after class.

· We recommend that you do not eat heavily 2 hours before class.

· If at any time you feel light-headed, dizzy or sick, do not hesitate to excuse yourself from the class or take child's pose or savasana until you are ready to join the class again.